November 17, 2014

Las Vegas, NV – VizExplorer will present the latest versions of its multi-award-winning business intelligence software at TribalNet 15, the annual technology show for the Native American industry. Hands-on demonstrations of the company’s updated crmViz campaign management solution as well as VizExplorer’s complete suite of gaming applications will be offered in Booth #6 at the M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas, November 10-13.

“At VizExplorer, our goal has always been to solve casino operators’ problems through easy-to-use software,” said Andrew Cardno, VizExplorer Chief Technology Officer. “Today we are expanding beyond analytical products into applications that automate essential operations and that provide valuable business insights in real time. We are thrilled to return to TribalNet to share these new developments with our friends in the Indian Gaming industry.”

“We’re excited to show off the latest versions of our products at TribalNet,” said VizExplorer President Mukesh Gordhan. “Our campaign management product allows the marketing folks to identify new campaigns that can be run and then measure the true results from day one. This process is all fully automated. Our new player development product and our new casino player app allows for one-to-one marketing along with a whole raft of other features.”

About TribalNet
TribalNet is an industry resource for technology professionals in the Native American industry and is the connection between tribal IT leaders and technology available for this unique and specific market. TribalNet’s goal since the formation of the group in 1999 still stand today: bringing technology and tribes together.

About VizExplorer (formerly BIS²)
We love data. We love its colors and its dynamics. We love that it is everywhere, untapped, waiting for its story to unfold. It’s in your customer actions. It’s in your campaign reports. It’s in your historical trends.

We love it so much that we’ve made it our life’s work to give it a voice so that insight jumps out and grabs you in alluring detail. But we don’t stop there. Data is not static. It moves and changes. It evolves with your understanding.

Data should be exploratory, allowing you to experiment, assess and refine. It is our obsession to help your data’s story unfold for everyone, from operations to marketing, every day—in new and exciting ways.

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