September 30, 2014

Second time in 3 years VizExplorer wins award for ‘dramatically changing’ the gaming industry’s technology landscape

Las Vegas, NV – Industry-leading business-intelligence software developer VizExplorer (formerly BIS²) received the Gaming & Leisure (G&L) Transformation Award at the G&L Roundtable reception, which took place Sept. 29, 2014 at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa. The award recognizes the company’s crmViz 8.3 campaign management system, which enables marketers to interpret player behavior data and use it to execute accurate promotions.

“We are extremely honored G&L has once again chosen to bestow its prestigious Transformation Award on VizExplorer,” said VizExplorer Chief Technology Officer Andrew Cardno, who accepted the plaque at the Monday evening ceremony. “As VizExplorer grows, we continue to invest in innovation and push our products to new limits, so we are humbled by the recognition of these efforts. VizExplorer is committed to continue and partner with our customers and together support and advance the industry.”

VizExplorer President, Mukesh Gordhan, added: “This award, combined with the phenomenal customer response to crmViz 8.3 and our other new BI applications, further validates VizExplorer’s client-focused approach to product development. We realize that technological innovation is only part of the equation when it comes to creating data products that are truly transformational for the gaming industry. Listening to our customers and designing tools that meet or exceed their needs is just as vital.”

About the G&L Roundtable
The G&L Roundtable is one of the most sought-after forums in the gaming industry. For over a dozen years we have continued to honor our commitment that it remain a private, invitation-only G&L Community forum, thus making it an enjoyable, unique and rich experience for all who attend. The G&L Roundtable shapes the landscape of innovation and business processes in gaming and hospitality by providing, in one room, the very people who can foster that change. In addition to a variety of CXOs in attendance, the G&L Roundtable hosts the majority of gaming CIOs in one private forum representing the vast majority of gaming technology spend in North America.

About VizExplorer (formerly BIS²)
We love data. We love its colors and its dynamics. We love that it is everywhere, untapped, waiting for its story to unfold. It’s in your customer actions. It’s in your campaign reports. It’s in your historical trends.

We love it so much that we’ve made it our life’s work to give it a voice so that insight jumps out and grabs you in alluring detail. But we don’t stop there. Data is not static. It moves and changes. It evolves with your understanding.

Data should be exploratory, allowing you to experiment, assess and refine. It is our obsession to help your data’s story unfold for everyone, from operations to marketing, every day—in new and exciting ways.

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