September 26, 2014

VizExplorer Software now deployed in South America becoming the 5th Continent in VizExplorer’s global deployment strategy

San Diego, CA – Today VizExplorer announced its new partnership with Boldt to distribute the world-leading VizExplorer Business Intelligence (BI) products to the gaming market in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Boldt owns and operates numerous casinos in South America and is also a leading provider of technology solutions for casinos and state lotteries. The VizExplorer products have already been successfully installed in three of Boldt’s casinos in Argentina.

“When I first saw the VizExplorer software, I knew it would be of tremendous benefit to the Latin American market and a great addition to the technology solutions we offer,” said Jose Luis Arpon, IT Director for Boldt. “Our deployments here in Argentina have gone very well and we are already getting significant value from using the software.”

“South America is one of the growing world markets and we are extremely pleased to have Boldt as both a customer and as a distributor of the VizExplorer software,” said Mukesh Gordhan, VizExplorer President. “Boldt understands this market very well. It’s important because it gives regional casino operators access to world-leading technology but with the all-important localized business support.”

“We are excited to help broker this deal between VizExplorer and Boldt,” said Esteban Seidlitz, Regional Sales Director-Latin America for the Seidlitz Group, an existing VizExplorer regional partner. “This partnership opens the door to new exciting opportunities throughout the growing Latin American gaming landscape.”

About Boldt
Boldt is the leading developer of technological solutions for state lotteries and other gaming institutions, with more than 80 years of experience. Boldt also specializes in creating high-security identification and documentation products for both people and goods and develops and manages tourism and entertainment centers. An Argentine company traded on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, Boldt has a presence in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. For more information:

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