October 11, 2019, San Diego, California– Game Changing Technologies, Inc (“GCT”) today announced a new partnership with Las Vegas-based multi-award-winning Speed of You Learning Platform, which under the GCT partnership, will be available to Native American Tribes as an AI-driven technology solution that will enable Tribes to record, preserve and promote their culture, heritage and language. The Platform will also enable tribal schools to be offered in a multi-language environment (tribal language and English).

The National Science Foundation awarded the Speed of You learning platform with a grant in recognition of its unique innovation and significant societal benefit.

“Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is changing the landscape as we know it and brings a level of power and individual focus that was previously unheard of.” stated Andrew Cardno, GCT’s CEO.“Speed of You combines to two huge technology advantages that would really benefit Native American Tribes. First, the unique Speed of You database allows Tribes to record and preserve their heritage and language for all time. Second, the Speed of You AI-engine automatically creates a customized learning path for each child and adult who wants to learn the heritage and language. The AI-engine makes sure that they stay on track during the learning process.”

“Whilst GCT has traditionally focused on the casino industry, Tribal gaming now represents almost 45% of the U.S. total casino market. This Speed of You partnership is a great opportunity for GCT to provide a direct benefit to the Tribes themselves.” Cardno added.

“Andrew Cardno and GCT have a long history of bringing new technologies to the Native America Tribes.” Stated Ralph Thomas, CEO of Speed of You. “We are excited to work with GCT to bring the power of the Speed of You Learning Platform to help create unique learning content and to teach tribal heritage, history, and language.”

The Speed of You for Native America platform combines the power of the Speed of You Learning Platform with unique learning content that teaches tribal history and culture. In addition, Speed of You has the option of making the entire platform available in any tribal language, creating an immersive and unique learning experience. Combined with the general Speed of You content for classrooms, Speed of You can be used in Native American classrooms and homes, as well as by anyone interested in learning more about tribal history.

To learn more about Speed of You for Native America, contact Andrew Cardno at andrew.cardno@gamechangingtechnologies.com.

About GCT

Game Changing Technologies, Inc. (“GCT”) provides “game-changing” technologies and solutions to the Gaming Industry (Tribal & non-Tribal). GCT is a well-recognized leader in the industry. Today’s fast-changing and complex business environment requires sophisticated tools and specialized expertise. That is why GCT works hard to make available the best technology solutions to the Gaming Industry to help casino operators improve both operational performance as well as improving the customer experience.

Through strong and well-proven partnerships, GCT is able to bring operators the best technologies in the industry. These technologies, combined with GCT’s own highly-sought-after expertise, provide a winning and reliable solution for operators. GCT represents only the best in the industry. GCT has built a reputation for providing quality and proven solutions that allow operators to concentrate on what they do best.

The Speed of You partnership allows GCT to now offer technology solutions directly to the Tribes themselves and for the benefit of Tribal members and future generations. www.gamechangingtechnologies.com

For enquiries, please contact:
Andrew Cardno, CEO
E-mail : Andrew.cardno@gamingchangingtechnologies.com
Contact : 858-880-6885

About the Speed of You Learning Platform for Schools 

Speed of You is a revolutionary learning platform that dynamically adjusts to the individual learning needs of each student across any educational content. Speed of You is already deployed in elementary and middle schools. Speed of You is directly available to students, teachers, schools, parents/guardians (including for homeschooling), libraries and museums. Speed of You includes various “Command Centers”, including the Teacher Command Center that provides a powerful teacher assistant that lets teachers know when and where each student needs help. The Testing and Benchmarking Module allows teachers to automatically create, administer, grade and compare tests to quickly and with-ease evaluate student progress. The Parent & Tutor Command Center connects the home and classroom. Speed of You games and gamification keep the child wanting to play more – the more they play, the more they learn.www.SpeedOfYou.com

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