Let our experienced team advise you on your goals in the gaming industry.

In addition to being a distributor of the Vizexplorer software, we also offer consulting services for casino vendors. Our experienced team can advise you on strategies to reach your goals in the gaming industry.

We can research application requirements for you and help you manage your timelines.


What’s involved in a typical vendor application?

Casinos or licensing authorities want reassurance that vendors coming onto their premises or accessing their systems do not have connections to organized crime and therefore pose a risk to their operation. The questions they ask will be less extensive if you are applying for a non-gaming license as opposed to a gaming license but they are still wide ranging and invasive. Typically the agency will request that an application be completed on behalf of the company itself plus the business owners.

In addition, employees or other individuals representing the company will need to complete an application. There will be a fee for the company application and usually a fee for each individual applying. These fees are annual and there will be renewal fees on the anniversary date each year. There will be a stated processing time and the agency may come back and request additional information as needed.

What types of information does the casino/licensing authority want?

The agency will request basic information such as name, address, driver license information. Many agencies request residences for the last 10 years, employers for the last 10 years, any criminal record including traffic violations, any involvement in civil suits.

Information about your spouse, ex-spouse, siblings, parents and room-mates. Financial information may include an income statement of assets and liabilities, tax returns, bank account information, fingerprints, copies of driver license and social security card. The business entity will also need to provide corporate documents and financials.

How long does it take for my business to be approved once I apply?

Application processing times range from 1-8 months depending on the complexity of applications and any backlogs at the agency. A temporary approval may be granted to allow business to commence in the interim.

When should I start my application?

The time to start your application is when you have signed or have a high probability of signing a vendor contract with a casino.

How does GCT handle confidential information?

Our compliance team is managed by an in-house attorney who is under a professional obligation to handle sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality. We also carry extensive cyber insurance in the event of any data breach.

How much does it cost to submit an application?

Cost varies depending on agency. The charge for a company application can be as little as $100 or as high as $10,000. Many entities charge an additional fee of $100-500 for individual employee applications depending on the type of vendor and the nature of access needed.