March 4, 2014

San Diego, CA – VizExplorer announced today that Saratoga Casino and Raceway, a popular tourist destination in historic Saratoga Springs New York, is extending its VizExplorer installations to deploy VizExplorer’s new award-winning campaign management solution, crmViz. Saratoga will also install VizExplorer’s new highly flexible reporting module, vizDashboard.

“crmViz provides a much deeper and clearer understanding of player behavior and the best players to choose for marketing purposes,” stated Rita Cox, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Saratoga Casino and Raceway. “It’s fully integrated which means no manual work creating and transferring files and lists around. It also has a great test and control function which means we can now fully measure the performance of each campaign as it is happening. We don’t have to wait days and weeks for the results,” added Cox.

“We are very pleased with Saratoga’s decision to deploy these additional products. The response that our new crmViz and vizDashboard products are getting from our existing customers, and the market, has been phenomenal. Not only can we now provide the best analytical products, we now have what we consider the best operational products for campaign management and dashboard reporting,” said Mukesh Gordhan, President of VizExplorer.

“Bi2U is thrilled to be representing VizExplorer in this sale to Saratoga Casino and Raceway,” states Sylvain Tassé, President of Bi2U, a VizExplorer partner. “Having renewed business with a current customer is very rewarding and we`re looking forward to this expanded relationship with Saratoga,’’ added Tassé.

About Saratoga Casino and Raceway
Saratoga Casino and Raceway is in the popular tourist destination of historic Saratoga Springs, New York. The casino includes 1,700 slot machines and electric table games, Vapor Night Club, two full service and one buffet restaurant, live harness racing and other facilities. The casino also partners with Buffalo-based Delaware North Companies in the operation of the Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa in Saratoga Springs. Additional information about Saratoga Casino and Raceway can be found at the casino’s website, Contact: Rita Cox, email:, phone: +1 518-581-5716.

About Bi2U
Bi2U and VizExplorer have teamed together to offer VizExplorer’s innovative visually-centric analytical software along with reliable and cost-effective implementation services in Canada, the North East USA and Asia. Together, we provide customers with an accelerated ROI on their data investment by identifying valuable business improvement opportunities from within their customer and operational data. Bi2U continues to assimilate the latest VizExplorer software tools and to effectively deploy them on customer projects. Through a committed partnership, Bi2U is becoming a leader in the implementation of VizExplorer’s solutions in our region. Contact: Sylvain Tassé, phone: +1 514-258-2374.

About VizExplorer
VizExplorer’s gaming industry solution, gameViz™, enables casino operators to gain a competitive advantage by viewing and analyzing gaming-floor data. VizExplorer uses innovative visual data representations known as Super Graphics™ to provide sophisticated business insights, allowing casinos to rapidly adapt to changes in customer behavior. VizExplorer is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually enabled analytics solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in operational data so organizations can identify what actions are required today and in the future.
VizExplorer software products have been recognized with multiple awards including Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Products, Casino Enterprise Management’s Top-10 Slot Floor products, the Data Warehousing Institute’s Advanced Analytics Best Practices Award and Gaming & Leisure Magazine’s Technology Impact Award and Product Interoperability Award, among others. VizExplorer also offers industry-specific solutions for the airline industry (airViz™), clubs and hospitality (clubViz™), resorts (resortViz™), telecommunications (telViz™), insurance (insuranceViz™), retail (retailViz™), entertainment (entertainmentViz™), manufacturing (makeViz™) and financial services (moneyViz™). For more information, please call +1 877-592-2472 or visit:

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