January 15, 2013

San Diego, CA – BIS² today announced that Saratoga Casino and Raceway, the finest of attractions in Saratoga Springs, New York, has chosen to install BIS²’s multi-award winning gameViz™ software to take Saratoga Casino’s gaming analytical capabilities to the next level.

“We have been on the search for analytical tools that are powerful and easy to use. One of the challenges we face being in New York State, is that our data comes from multiple locations. The BIS² software allows us to effectively use that data without having to spend significant time and money on a lengthy data warehousing project and opens up new possibilities to drive better decisions on the gaming floor. We have been truly impressed by the game change analysis and preference filters within the BIS² software,” stated Shawn Harris, Director of VGM Operations for Saratoga Casino and Raceway.
“The BIS² software enables us to truly understand player behavior through the power of its visual queries and allows us to better understand the impact of our Marketing campaigns and quickly adjust them to improve customer responses. We are looking forward to a great partnership with BIS² and their distributor Bi2U,” stated Rita Cox, Senior Vice President of Marketing and External Affairs for Saratoga Casino and Raceway.

“We believe that successful Casino Operators need the proper tools to understand today’s highly dynamic gaming floor. The BIS² software provides us with the value we are looking for and will help us make better decisions based on having the right insight as to what is really going on,” said James Hartman, EVP and COO of Saratoga Casino and Raceway.
“We are pleased with Saratoga’s decision to deploy the BIS² software and look forward to working with Saratoga to make them another very happy BIS² customer,” said Mukesh Gordhan, President of BIS². “Our market leadership position, record number of customers, and rapid results that casino operators are getting from deploying the BIS² software, is a true testament to its value,” Gordhan added.

“We are excited to be working with such a great team at Saratoga Casino. Our latest Version 8 of the gameViz software has some truly remarkable capabilities and is getting fantastic reviews from our customers. Our super advanced analytics which include identifying revenue efficiency from game changes, displacement of revenue and customer preferences is changing the analytical landscape and the way casino operators can now do their analytics,” said Andrew Cardno, CTO of BIS². “The analytics within Version 8 are even more powerful and even easier to use,” added Cardno.
“We are very pleased to be representing BIS² in this sale with Saratoga Casino and Raceway,” states Sylvain Tassé, President of Bi2U, a BIS² partner. “In our view, the BIS² technology provides an essential analytical tool for casino operators who strive for excellence and we`re looking forward to this partnership with Saratoga Casino,’’ added Tassé.

BIS²’s gameViz™ industry solution is a data visualization BI software solution that allows Casino Operators to directly query their data without the requirement for ETL and view the results visually using innovative and powerful Super Graphics. It represents the next generation of advanced data visualization software for strategic, operational, and analytical users of gaming data. Users are able to understand and take action on their gaming data in a new way. Using BIS²’s Super Graphics to view complex analysis provides a better way to understand data and quickly identify patterns, trends, and improvement opportunities.

About Saratoga Casino and Raceway
Saratoga Casino and Raceway is owned by Saratoga Harness Racing. The casino in Saratoga Springs, New York includes 1,700 slot machines, the Vapor Night Club, two full service and one buffet restaurant, and other facilities. The company also partners with Buffalo-based Delaware North Companies in the operation of the Gideon Putnam Resort and Roosevelt Baths in Saratoga Springs. www.saratogacasino.com

Rita Cox

About Bi2U
Bi2U and BIS² have teamed together to offer BIS²’s innovative visually-centric analytical software along with reliable and cost-effective implementation services in Canada, the North East USA and Asia. Together, we provide customers with an accelerated ROI on their data investment by identifying valuable business improvement opportunities from within their customer and operational data. Bi2U continues to assimilate the latest BIS² software tools and to effectively deploy them on customer projects. Through a committed partnership, Bi2U is becoming a leader in the implementation of BIS²’s solutions in our region.

Sylvain Tassé

About BIS²
BIS²’s gaming industry solution, called gameViz™, enables casino operators to better understand player behavior and how to optimize the gaming floor to gain a greater competitive advantage. The innovative Super Graphics™ contained within the BIS² technology enable casino operators to rapidly identify, action and monitor changes to improve both top-line and bottom-line performance. BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually-centric analytics with solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in volumes of operational data so organizations can understand what actions are required now and tomorrow. The BIS² software products have been recognized with multiple awards such as Gaming and Leisure Magazine’s Technology Impact award as well as the Product Interoperability award, and Casino Enterprise Managements Top 10 Slot Floor products to name a few. Other industry specific solutions available from BIS² include airViz™ (for airlines), clubViz™ (for premiere clubs), resortViz™ (for resort operators), telViz™ (for telcos), insuranceViz™ (for insurance companies), retailViz™ (for retailers), entertainmentViz™ (for entertainment companies), makeViz™ (for manufacturing companies) and moneyViz™ (for financial institutions).

For more information, please call 1-877-592-2472 or visit us at www.bis2.net.

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