GCT’s partners include:

The VizExplorer multi-award winning software solutions and managed services help casinos be more productive, efficient and profitable across gaming operations, database marketing and player development.

The VizExplorer Suite offers casino operators the solutions and services to help make sure operators are getting the most out of their data. It enables casino operators to get what they need to succeed. — The VizExplorer software suite, services and gaming insights the operational, marketing and business challenges facing casino operators today.

The Virtual Players Card by Perfected Player Solutions. The Virtual Players Card is a complete cardless ecosystem.

On the slot floor, the Virtual Players Card is an integrated solution that increases time on device by enabling guests to use their phone as their player’s card, all while charging the phone with either a wireless charging pocket or a player’s own USB cord. Charging is enabled only for guests who are actively playing the machine.

Bar Evolution is an automated, high throughput drink mixing and cocktail service machine that is revolutionizing bar and beverage operations.

The automated Bar Evolution solution typically results in increased sales, expanded bar menu and robust materials control.

The Socrates Learning Platform by Education Revolution is rapidly becoming a leader in online education with its multi-award-winning AI-driven technology solution. The Platform is already being used in elementary and middle schools around the world and the range of educational content provided is steadily growing. Socrates includes a unique dynamic learning engine that adjusts the content to precisely match the learning needs of each student, resulting in students learning up to three times faster. The National Science Foundation awarded Socrates with a grant in recognition of its unique innovation and significant societal benefit. Socrates was also awarded by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea in education in 2019.

Organizations and groups, such as Native Americans, are adopting the Socrates Learning Platform to preserve and promote their unique content.

Droisys provides full-service software development: From identifying opportunities to innovate with AI and machine learning to building complex digital transformation strategie’s to developing app prototype’s and full-scale solutions.

As a partner, Droisys can can create an immediate impact on a business, allowing companies to scale in the area most needed. Consultants and specialists are fully-versed in key and emerging technologies, ensuring tangible and immediate business benefits.

Droisys solve a business problem with innovative technologies.

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help an organization meet their business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using favorite tools and frameworks.