June 11, 2013

Lodge Casino and Gilpin Casino to Deploy BIS²’s Slot Floor and Customer Analytics Technology

San Diego, CA – Jacobs Entertainment will install BIS²’s multi-award-winning slot floor optimization and customer analytics technology in its two Colorado casinos. The 1,000-machine Lodge Casino and 500-machine Gilpin Casino in Black Hawk will each be outfitted with BIS²’s floorVizPLUS and aimViz software.

“We are always looking for cost-effective ways to better serve our customers and enhance our operations and marketing strategies,” said Mike Shubic, Chief Operating Officer, Jacobs Entertainment. “BIS²’s products allow us to easily see, understand and evaluate the vast amounts of data we’re already collecting from our slot machines and players cards and then translate that analysis into actions that increase play and profitability.”

“We are extremely pleased Jacobs Entertainment has chosen BIS² software for its Colorado locations and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with the company,” said BIS² President Mukesh Gordhan. “At BIS², we continually strive to develop innovative, easy-to-use tools that enable casino owners to make effective marketing and operational changes. The positive response from our rapidly growing client base is a gratifying confirmation that we’re succeeding in our goals.”

“We are excited to be working with the team at Jacobs Entertainment,” said Andrew Cardno, CTO of BIS². “BIS² technology will provide them with valuable insights into game play and customer behavior that will bring management decision making to an entirely new level.”

“BIS² software, with its innovative Super Graphics approach to visualizing complex data, is revolutionizing the world of casino business intelligence and analytics,” said Jon Zimmerman, President, Casino Business Strategies, a BIS² partner. “We are excited to be representing BIS² in this sale and look forward to our partnership with Jacobs Entertainment.”

BIS² provides business intelligence software that allows casino operators to easily query their data and view the results visually using BIS²’s powerful Super Graphics. This innovative technology provides strategic, operational, and analytical data users a simple, intuitive way to quickly identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for improvement.

About Jacobs Entertainment
Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. (JEI) is a developer, owner and operator of gaming and entertainment facilities in four regions of the United States. The company’s vision is to develop a strategic and geographically diverse portfolio of gaming, lodging and mixed-use facilities that provide guests with an unrivaled entertainment experience. With more than 2,000 employees and a long-tenured management team, JEI’s experience in real estate, gaming development, financing, leasing and operations establishes it as a committed industry leader with a reputation for quality. Core to the company’s value is its commitment to ethical leadership, outstanding training, and open employee communication. JEI is a community partner committed to supporting each jurisdiction in which we work and live.

About Casino Business Strategies
Casino Business Strategies (CBS) is a B2B service launched to assist U.S. casino companies, large and small, in developing strategies to maximize revenue and profit. CBS uses new technology to gain in-depth knowledge of game performance and patron behavior. With 30 years of experience in operations and analytics, CBS uses that knowledge to focus on key initiatives to improve the patron experience, increase the value of the patron relationship, and optimize operations to control costs and increase revenue and profits.

About BIS²
BIS²’s gaming industry solution, gameViz™, enables casino operators to gain a competitive advantage by viewing and analyzing gaming-floor data. BIS² uses innovative visual data representations known as Super Graphics™ to provide sophisticated business insights, allowing casinos to rapidly adapt to changes in customer behavior. BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually enabled analytics solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in operational data so organizations can identify what actions are required today and in the future. BIS² software products have been recognized with multiple awards including the Data Warehousing Institute’s Advanced Analytics Best Practices Award, Gaming & Leisure Magazine’s Technology Impact Award and Product Interoperability Award, and Casino Enterprise Management’s Top-10 Slot Floor products, among others. Other industry-specific solutions available from BIS² include for the airline industry (airViz™); for clubs and hospitality (clubViz™); for resorts (resortViz™); for telecommunications (telViz™); for insurance (insuranceViz™); for retail (retailViz™); for entertainment (entertainmentViz™); for manufacturing (makeViz™) and for financial services (moneyViz™).

For more information, please call 1-877-592-2472 or visit: www.bis2.net.

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