Dedicated to helping you with your culture and language

Helping Preserve Your Heritage

  1. Create a one-on-one learning experience for each student in your Tribal Language
  2. Your Tribal language and heritage becomes part of the K-8 education program
  3. Bring bilingual teaching into a fun environment
  4. Each student’s progress in Tribal Language learning is monitored for personalized learning

What is Socrates?

  1. Artificial Intelligence driven learning platform
  2. Personalized learning for each user
  3. Drives progress with fun games and rewards

Native America with Socrates

  1. Immersive learning experience with your language and your content
  2. Present your heritage and history with the Socrates Learning Engine
  3. Custom design for your tribe using your logos and your images

Native America with Socrates

  1. Partner publishers bring your content to life
  2. Create stories that last lifetimes with full color print
  3. Education services available to optimize your classrooms

Award Winning and Proven

  1. Socrates students out perform other students by over 25%
  2. Awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation
  3. Awards for world changing ideas and tecnology innovation