April 8, 2014

San Diego, CA – Arizona-based Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment has purchased four VizExplorer data analytics products from Casino Business Strategies (CBS). After a successful initial trial of VizExplorer’s floor analytics and customer analytic products (floorVizPLUS and aimViz), Desert Diamond Casinos decided to acquire those products as well as two additional award-winning VizExplorer products, campaign management (crmViz) and reporting (vizDashboard).

“We are extremely satisfied with the results of our initial implementation of the first two VizExplorer products,” said Andrew Asselin, CEO, Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment. “After just a short period of time we have already seen a positive impact on our business and we look forward to working with CBS to add crmViz and vizDashboard to our data analytics toolkit.”

“We are delighted the Tohono O’odham Gaming Enterprise has selected the BIS² products for Desert Diamond Casinos,” said Chris Korpi, VizExplorer Assistant Vice President, Native American Relations and Business Development. “We are excited to be partnering with CBS to support Desert Diamond Casinos in using our software to enhance their casino operations and marketing efforts.”

Added Jon Zimmerman, President of Casino Business Strategies: “It was our pleasure to introduce Desert Diamond Casinos to VizExplorer’s powerful casino analytics tools. Through their use of intuitive Super Graphics, VizExplorer products allow casino operators to easily gain useful and actionable insights into the massive amounts of player and game data they collect. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Desert Diamond Casinos.”

Casino Business Strategies is an independent reseller of VizExplorer products.

floorVizPLUS combines customer and game data analytics to provide machine performance and player preference patterns, allowing casino operators to optimize floor configurations and create player lists for marketing and promotional campaigns. aimViz and crmViz are the revenue and customer analytics modules of VizExplorer’s award-winning gameViz™ suite of products, providing valuable insights into how to most effectively target and market to casino patrons to maximize revenue and profit. vizDashboard provides an innovative way to view data that is far more powerful and flexible than traditional spreadsheets and charts.

About Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment
Diamond Casinos & Entertainment offers memorable entertainment experiences in Tucson, Sahuarita, and Why, Arizona. Amenities include unmatched gaming options, fine dining, the Monsoon Nightclub and world-class sporting events, music concerts and comedy sets at the Diamond Center. Desert Diamond also offers one of the region’s finest conference centers and high-tech meeting facilities. An enterprise of the Tohono O’odham Nation, Desert Diamond Casinos & Entertainment has been in the gaming and entertainment business for almost 30 years, beginning in 1984 with the opening of Papago Bingo in the Tucson area.

About Casino Business Strategies
Casino Business Strategies (CBS) is a B2B service launched to assist U.S. casino companies, large and small, in developing strategies to maximize revenue and profit. CBS uses new technology to gain in-depth knowledge of game performance and patron behavior. With over 30 years of experience in operations and analytics, CBS uses that knowledge to focus on key initiatives to improve the patron experience, increase the value of the patron relationship, and optimize operations to control costs and increase revenue and profits. For more information, please call CBS on 775-636-6600 or visit casinobs.com.

About VizExplorer
VizExplorer’s gaming industry solution, gameViz™, enables casino operators to gain a competitive advantage by viewing and analyzing gaming-floor data. VizExplorer uses innovative visual data representations known as Super Graphics™ to provide sophisticated business insights, allowing casinos to rapidly adapt to changes in customer behavior. VizExplorer is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually enabled analytics solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in operational data so organizations can identify what actions are required today and in the future.
VizExplorer software products have been recognized with multiple awards including Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Products, Casino Enterprise Management’s Top-10 Slot Floor products, the Data Warehousing Institute’s Advanced Analytics Best Practices Award and Gaming & Leisure Magazine’s Technology Impact Award and Product Interoperability Award, among others. VizExplorer also offers industry-specific solutions for the airline industry (airViz™), clubs and hospitality (clubViz™), resorts (resortViz™), telecommunications (telViz™), insurance (insuranceViz™), retail (retailViz™), entertainment (entertainmentViz™), manufacturing (makeViz™) and financial services (moneyViz™). For more information, please call +1 877-592-2472 or visit: vizexplorer.com

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