GCT to Provide Socrates Free to Native American Tribes

Game Changing Technologies is bringing the Socrates Learning Platform to Native American Tribes for free until the end of the school year for students impacted by this crisis.

We recognize that parents and teachers are looking for ways to make their time at home productive to continue their learning journey and be in the best position to continue their education when school resumes. 

 This is a challenge for our industry as we do not know how long with crisis will last or the impact on the balance of the school year.  The GCT and Socrates team wants to do what we can to help.

 In response to this crisis, we have decided to make the Socrates Learning Platform available to all impacted students for the rest of the school year, and through the summer, at no charge.  Teachers will be able to use Socrates to assign practice, assessments, and homework to their students remotely and monitor results if desired, or they can allow the Socrates engine to progress the child automatically.  Parents will know that their child is continuing to learn while at home, and the students can continue to learn while having fun in the Socrates learning environment. 

 This offer is available to any teacher, administrator, parent, or child impacted by this crisis.  If you have any questions or want to sign up, please contact Karen Cardno at 

 Additional information about Socrates can be found at

What is Socrates?

  1. Artificial Intelligence driven learning platform
  2. Personalized learning for each user
  3. Drives progress with fun games and rewards

Award Winning and Proven

  1. Socrates students out perform other students by over 25%
  2. Awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation
  3. Awards for world changing ideas and tecnology innovation