At Game Changing Technologies, we’re the proud distributors of Quick Custom Intelligence, a unified casino platform that aligns marketing, player development, and casino operations around one view of your customer data.

Quick Custom Intelligence helps casinos become more competitive, efficient, and profitable. 

QCI gives you a single platform with one view of your data—information you can leverage for insights into improving your casino’s performance.

QCI Host turns your hosts into heroes. Learn the preferences and needs of your best customers and make their casino experience extraordinary.

  • Get notified about player interactions that need to happen
  • Monitor host performance across multiple metrics
  • Assign tasks to different hosts in real-time
  • Catalog your customer’s preferences to deliver a world-class experience

QCI Slots delivers data-driven intelligence to accelerate your business

  • Instantly access market basket analysis and true game volatility
  • Get insights into player devotion on each machine
  • Understand trends across dozens of metrics
  • Quickly see which machines perform best

QCI Marketing manages your complex marketing programs with a comprehensive and proven tool. 

  • Analyze your customer data for better relationships and wallet share
  • Reach your most profitable customers with targeted messaging
  • Effortlessly automate campaign creation, player segmentation, and loading offers into your casino management system
  • QCI Analyzes the performance of all your campaigns to provide you with real-time reports and personalized data stories on what to do next