GCT continues to support the multi-award-winning ”Viz Explorer“ range of Business Intelligence and Operational Intelligence products.

The VizExplorer software solutions and managed services help casinos be more productive, efficient and profitable across gaming operations, database marketing and player development.

The VizExplorer Suite offers casino operators the solutions and services to help them get the most out of their data. It enables casino operators to get what they need to succeed. — The VizExplorer software suite, services and gaming insights address the operational, marketing and business challenges facing casino operators today.
Coordinate gaming operations, database marketing and player development efforts with the strategies and software needed to drive the best results.

Gaming Operations

• Slot Floor Optimization

• Efficient Slot Service

• Accurate Table Player Ratings & Offers

• Drive Table & Dealer Performance

Database Marketing

• Increase Profitable Campaigns

• Targeted Segmentation & Offers

• Align Player Reinvestment

Player Development

• Player Intelligence

• Player Contact Programs

• Increased Host Performance

• Loyalty Program Optimization

VizExplorer software solutions:

floorViz™ maximizes slot floor profitability by optimizing game change decisions and delivering slot placement and performance analysis.

• Automatic slot optimization tools and heat map performance tracking
• Player loyalty development facilitation
• Real-time slot floor management view
• Optimized slot analysis and measurement

campaignViz™ improves the performance of your marketing campaigns and drives incremental visits through smart customer segmentation, test and control analysis and much more.

• Automated campaign creation and easy customer behavior segmentation
• Test and control analysis to optimize marketing ROI
• Access all vital information–campaigns, offers, players, segments
• Real-time reporting for campaign performance tracking

techViz™ helps boost slot attendant and technician performance with real-time dispatching, alerts and mobile task management.

• Real-time alerts and dispatching for machine generated events
• Maximize machine uptime and reduce player wait time
• Automatically prioritize and dispatch based on player tier or behavior
• Monitor team location, schedule and performance goals

hostViz™ gives your hosts the intelligence and reporting they need to develop players, track performance and grow their customer bases.

• Improves player interactions through centralized player intelligence
• Quickly and easily manage host tasks and communications
• Facilitates host manager processes and performance tracking
• Engages all technology skill levels

greetViz™ is a lightweight tool that automatically issues mobile alerts to team members upon predetermined guest events, ensuring real-time responsiveness and a high level of customer satisfaction.

• Real-time guest service
• Smart service and guest engagement
• Guest data on-demand
• Efficient staff management