July 23, 2013

Las Vegas, Nevada – BIS² will offer attendees at this week’s Casino Marketing Conference a chance to test-drive its newly released award-winning crmViz marketing campaign management software. The graphics-based analytics tool allows users to determine where and how best to spend their marketing dollars. BIS² will also spotlight its new vizDataMatcher product at the event, which takes place July 23-25 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel.

“The Casino Marketing Conference is a unique opportunity for us to let gaming marketing executives get a hands-on demo of our powerful and intuitive visual query and marketing campaign management tool, crmViz, which has been getting rave reviews from users and industry observers alike,” said Andrew Cardno, BIS²’s CTO. “crmViz provides an end-to-end marketing solution, facilitating everything from selecting the right customers to automatically managing campaigns through a casino’s existing email, direct mail or other communication systems.”

In March, Casino Enterprise Management honored BIS²’s crmViz with its 2013 Slot Floor Technology Award. The software uses innovative visual data representations known as Super Graphics™ to help casino marketing teams zero-in on those customer groups that can be incentivized to come back to the casino, while making sure they do not spend too much on customers that consistently return of their own accord.

vizDataMatcher enables casino operators to analyze game theme performance and customer preferences for multi-game machines, particularly where this data is not otherwise readily available, such as with most deployed versions of ACSC, Oasis and Advantage systems. vizDataMatcher uses highly sophisticated fuzzy-logic algorithms that enable a casino operator to match customer play to multi-game machine play. There are two primary benefits. First, it provides an accurate theoretical win by player for video poker and other multi-game players and, secondly it provides true game theme performance insights for multi-game configurations.

About BIS²
BIS²’s gaming industry solution, gameViz™, enables casino operators to gain a competitive advantage by viewing and analyzing gaming-floor and customer data. BIS² uses innovative visual data representations known as Super Graphics™ to provide sophisticated business insights, allowing casinos to rapidly adapt to changes in customer behavior. BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually enabled analytics solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in operational data so organizations can identify what actions are required today and in the future. BIS² software products have been recognized with multiple awards including Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Products, Casino Enterprise Management’s Top-10 Slot Floor products, the Data Warehousing Institute’s Advanced Analyti cs Best Practices Award and Gaming & Leisure Magazine’s Technology Impact Award and Product Interoperability Award, among others. BIS² also offers industry-specific solutions for the airline industry (airViz™), clubs and hospitality (clubViz™), resorts (resortViz™), telecommunications (telViz™), insurance (insuranceViz™), retail (retailViz™), entertainment (entertainmentViz™), manufacturing (makeViz™) and financial services (moneyViz™).

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