May 19, 2010

Super Graphics enable new and comprehensive insights into customer behavior and operational performance for data-intense industries such as retail, gaming and telecommunications

San Diego, CA – BIS², the provider of innovative enterprise analytics software that enables valuable business decisions to be made from massive data collections, announced today the release of the latest version, Version 3.2, of the company’s visually-centric advanced analytics software product.

“With each new release we are delivering more and more customer-driven functionality which continues to reinforce the business value and market position of our industry solutions,” stated Mukesh Gordhan, BIS²’s CEO. “Our installations are becoming even faster with our vizMaker configuration product and our enhanced Super Graphic templates.” Gordhan said.

A special capability of this new 3.2 release is Slowly Changing Dimensions – or SCDs – which means that users can view the current performance and attributes of an asset as well as its history. This means that users can easily compare current performance against historical performance. This type of capability is particularly useful for casino operators to compare the performance of their current slot floor against recent machine configuration changes. Similarly, it is useful for tracking changes in customer addresses or player club levels. Often organizations can report the current state of things, but having an accurate history and being able to report on it in a usable way, was previously a challenge. Also in this release is a new Quartal layer which provides users with a rich interactive experience when viewing the Quartal Super Graphic. Users can also select specific areas of the Super Graphic to create lists of customers within that selected area.

The vizbybis² solution is state-of-the-art, advanced analytics software that enables organizations to truly understand, analyze and act upon ever-increasing and ever-changing mountains of business data with unprecedented dimensional capacity. This unique technology enables multiple patterns in data sets, both large and small, to be easily identified. Its standards-based enterprise ready framework enables flexible deployment of the visual analytics and of the metadata
“Feedback from our customers has driven this important point release. 3.2’s special capabilities allow users to interact with the history of configurations while correctly viewing the final state of the visualization,” said Andrew Cardno, BIS² CTO. “For our gaming customers this enables them to look at the current state along with the history.” Cardno said.

About BIS²
BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually-centric analytical software. Its solutions reveal the trends and patterns in volumes of operational data so organizations can understand what actions are required now and tomorrow. BIS²’s gaming industry solution, called gameViz, enables casino organizations to view and analyze data sets that provide the insights needed to gain a competitive advantage. With BIS²’s patent-pending Super Graphics, casinos can adapt to changes by rapidly generating crucial insights from both within and outside the enterprise. Other industry-specific solutions available from BIS² include telViz™ (for telcos), insuranceViz™ (for insurance companies), retailViz (for retailers), entertainmentViz™ (for entertainment companies), makeViz™ (for manufacturing companies) and moneyViz™ (for financial institutions). For more information, please call 1-877-592-2472.

Veronica Ruffo