August 15, 2012

BIS² will be attending the Peru Gaming Show in Lima, Peru this week, Booth #32

Lima, Peru – BIS² today announced that, with its recently appointed local distributor, the Seidlitz Group, it will be attending the Peru Gaming Show in Lima, Peru on August 16 & 17 showcasing BIS²’s newest Version 8.0 Release. BIS² was recently named world-wide first place winner in Advanced Analytics by the Data Warehousing Institute. BIS² and the Seidlitz Group will be exhibiting at Booth #32.

“It is great to be representing BIS² and its world-leading technology in this region. For advanced gaming analytics, the BIS² technology is certainly number one in the market and this is reinforced by the feedback that we are getting from the casinos that are using the technology,” said Alex Seidlitz, CEO of the Seidlitz Group Companies. “We are looking forward to a highly successful show and demonstrating the latest functionality of the new Version 8.0 software; it is truly amazing,” added Seidlitz.

“With our number one presence in the U.S., it is a logical step to continue to expand our footprint into other regions. Latin America represents an increasingly substantial and growing share of the world gaming market,” stated Mukesh Gordhan, BIS² CEO. “Attending the Peru Gaming Show is another step in establishing a stronger presence in Latin America and we are pleased to be working with the Seidlitz Group in this region,” added Gordhan.

“I am really excited about our partners being able to present some of our latest product features to casino operators around the world. For example, our timeline analysis and our history analysis allows casino operators to easily see the true result (positive or negative) of a change, and take action accordingly. Our customer preference calculators are also changing the way casino operators do analytics. These new features make this type of analysis incredibly fast and easy,” said Andrew Cardno, BIS² CTO. “I have been very impressed with the team at Seidlitz and their ability to represent us,” Cardno added.

BIS²’s gameViz™ industry solution is a data visualization BI software solution that allows casino operators to directly interrogate their data without the requirement for ETL, and see the results visually using innovative and powerful Super Graphics. It represents the next generation of advanced data visualization software for strategic, operational, and analytical users of gaming data. Users are able to understand and take action on their gaming data in a new way. Using BIS²’s Super Graphics to view complex analysis provides a better way to understand data and quickly identify patterns, trends and improvement opportunities.

About The Seidlitz Group
Since its beginnings in 1940, the focus of the Seidlitz Group has been to provide the best service in their markets, constantly looking for the best solutions for different industries in the areas where they operate. With Seidlitz Software the Group ventured into new segments, developing firstly the document flow software for internal use and then marketing it to a wide array of users, from small lawyer practices up to multinational oil companies. The Group is currently the biggest business partner of IBM in Ecuador for customized workflow applications based on Lotus Notes. The Group also offers services in other areas that are native markets for the other divisions at Seidlitz. With the BIS2 partnership, the Seidlitz Group offers the best solution for its customers, and potential customers in the region, starting with the gaming industry, and not excluding retail, resorts, banking and all other businesses that can benefit from the powerful, advanced data visualization software developed by BIS². For more information please visit: Seidlitz
Esteban Seidlitz

About BIS²
BIS²’s gaming industry solution, called gameViz™, enables casino operators to view and analyze data sets that provide the vital insights needed to gain a competitive advantage. With BIS²’s Super Graphics™, casinos can rapidly adapt to changes by gaining data insights from both within and outside the enterprise. BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually-centric analytics with solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in volumes of operational data so organizations can understand what actions are required now and tomorrow. The BIS² software products have been recognized with multiple awards such as the Data Warehousing Institutes Advanced Analytics Best Practices Award, Gaming and Leisure Magazine’s Technology Impact Award and their Product Interoperability Award and Casino Enterprise Managements Top 10 Slot Floor products to name a few. Other industry specific solutions available from BIS² include for the airline industry (airViz™), for premiere clubs (clubViz™), for resort operators (resortViz™), for telecommunications companies (telViz™), for insurance companies (insuranceViz™), for retailers (retailViz™), for entertainment companies (entertainmentViz™), for manufacturing companies (makeViz™) and for financial institutions (moneyViz™). For more information, please call 1-877-592-2472.

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