August 12, 2013

BIS² Brings its Award-Winning Gaming-Floor Optimization Software to the 2013 Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Conference and Trade Show, Booth #145 at the Cox Center, Oklahoma City, August 12-14

Oklahoma City, OK – BIS² is in Oklahoma City this week to spotlight its multi-award-winning business intelligence software at the 2013 Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA) Conference and Tradeshow. Company executives are on hand to demo BIS²’s latest products, including its floorVizPLUS slot-floor optimization software. BIS² is located in Booth #145 at the event, which runs August 12 through 14 at the Cox Center.

“We are excited to be in Oklahoma to reconnect with our growing list of Indian Gaming clients and meet other casino operators who could benefit from our industry-leading business intelligence software,” said Mukesh Gordhan, President of BIS². “We’ve seen a groundswell of interest in our slot-floor optimization tools among Indian Gaming operators who realize this technology’s potential to help them enhance operations, increase profitability and improve player experience.”

Joining BIS² at the show is sales partner Casino Business Strategies. “It’s a pleasure to represent BIS2 products at the OIGA Conference and Tradeshow,” said CBS President Jon Zimmerman. “Business intelligence software is increasingly being seen as a necessity by savvy Gaming executives. BIS²’s software, with its intuitive graphic interface and sophisticated analytics, allows users to gain powerful, actionable insights into slot-floor optimization, game change analysis, multi-game analysis and customer preferences, which can result in dramatically higher return on investment.”

floorVizPLUS is the gaming-floor analytical module of BIS²’s multi-award winning gameViz™ suite of products. It combines customer and slot-machine data analytics to provide game performance and player preference patterns, allowing casino operators to optimize floor configurations and create targeted player lists for marketing and promotional campaigns.

About Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association
Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association (OIGA), established in 1986, is a non-profit organization of Indian Nations with other non-voting associate members representing organizations, tribes and businesses engaged in tribal gaming enterprises from around Oklahoma. The common commitment and purpose of OIGA is to advance the welfare of Indian peoples economically, socially and politically. The annual OIGA Trade Show and Conference, which hosts 2,500 industry professionals from all over the country, is a premier event devoted to all aspects of the Indian Gaming industry.

About BIS²
BIS²’s gaming industry solution, gameViz™, enables casino operators to gain a competitive advantage by viewing and analyzing gaming-floor data. BIS² uses innovative visual data representations known as Super Graphics™ to provide sophisticated business insights, allowing casinos to rapidly adapt to changes in customer behavior. BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually enabled analytics solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in operational data so organizations can identify what actions are required today and in the future. BIS² software products have been recognized with multiple awards including Casino Journal’s Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Products, Casino Enterprise Management’s Top-10 Slot Floor products, the Data Warehousing Institute’s Advanced Analytics Best Practices Award and Gaming & Leisure Magazine’s Technology Impact Award and Product Interoperability Award, among others. BIS² also offers industry-specific solutions for the airline industry (airViz™), clubs and hospitality (clubViz™), resorts (resortViz™), telecommunications (telViz™), insurance (insuranceViz™), retail (retailViz™), entertainment (entertainmentViz™), manufacturing (makeViz™) and financial services (moneyViz™).

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