February 22, 2010

Strategic alliance offers companies world-leading data visualization solution and top-class deployment capability

San Diego, CA – BIS², the provider of innovative data visualization software that enables valuable business decisions to be made from massive data collections, announced today that Datalytica, Inc., the leader in integrating high quality components to create real solutions to real business problems, has become a systems integrator and reseller partner for BIS².

“BIS² is pleased to add Datalytica to its list of high-quality partners and we look forward to working with Datalytica’s team of experienced developers and consultants to deliver business-value driven data visualization solutions to the market.” said Mukesh Gordhan, BIS²’s CEO. “BIS² is a worldleading software development company and having companies such as Datalytica as a go-to-market and deployment partner is part of our strategy.” Gordhan said.

“We are pleased to add BIS² to our portfolio of companies that provide high quality solutions, and we look forward to deploying to our customers BIS²’s award-winning industry-specific visualization solutions. This will significantly enhance our business and marketing intelligence offerings.” said Bart A. Lewin, President of Datalytica.

About BIS²
BIS² is an innovative world-leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually centric analytics with solutions that reveal the trends and patterns in volumes of operational data so organizations can understand what actions are required now and tomorrow. BIS²’s industry solutions enable organizations to view and analyze data sets that provide the insights needed to gain a competitive advantage. With BIS²’s patent-pending Super Graphics, organizations can adapt to changes by rapidly generating crucial insights from both within and outside the enterprise. BIS² has offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please call 1-877-592-2472.

About Datalytica
Datalytica is a next-generation solutions provider for business intelligence, performance management, application access management, and database security. Their solutions have been customized for providing marketing, operational and security needs specific to the retail, finance, healthcare and gaming and hospitality industries. For more information visit www.datalytica.com.