February 25, 2011

Features of new release: new look and feel, even faster, more powerful, and even easier to use

San Diego, CA – BIS², the provider of multi-award-winning, visually-centric enterprise analytical software, that enables valuable business decisions to be made from massive data collections, announced today the latest release of its hyper advanced data visualization software, Version 6.0.

“BIS² have added significant functionality and dramatically improved the responsiveness of the application, in particular the treemap is now a truly responsive tool where I can interact between the Super Graphic and the dimensional data,” stated Dr Ralph Thomas, Vice President Database Marketing, Seminole Gaming.

“This release was really about listening to our customers and responding to their needs,” stated Mukesh Gordhan, BIS²’s CEO. “Our state-of-the-art technology has been even further advanced, made even easier to use, faster and even more intuitive,” added Gordhan.

“Version 6.0 represents another quantum leap in the BIS² product line.” stated Andrew Cardno, BIS²’s CTO. “We are now able to select groups of data and compare them against each other in seconds,” stated Andrew Cardno, BIS²’s CTO. “I am really pleased with the new version, and the feedback we are getting from the market is that it is outstanding,” Cardno added.
BIS²’s state-of-the-art Version 6.0 advanced analytical software further enables organizations to truly interact, understand, and analyze their business data. The unique Super Graphics technology enables users to see and understand data easily to improve business performance. The software’s standards-based enterprise ready framework enables it to be deployed rapidly and with ease.

About BIS²
BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually-centric analytical software. Its solutions reveal the trends and patterns in volumes of operational data so organizations can understand what actions are required now and tomorrow. With BIS²’s Super Graphics, businesses can adapt to changes by rapidly generating crucial insights from both within and outside the enterprise. Industry-specific solutions available from BIS² include gameVizTM(for casinos) telViz™ (for telcos), insuranceViz™ (for insurance companies), retailViz™ (for retailers), entertainmentViz™ (for entertainment companies), airViz™ (for airline companies), clubViz™ (for premier clubs), makeViz™ (for manufacturing companies) and moneyViz™ (for financial institutions). For more information please visit www.bis2.net.