October 6, 2010

BIS² Partner Club Data Online Announces Record Interest in Advanced Analytics in Australian Market

San Diego, CA – BIS², the provider of award-winning innovative advanced analytical software, that enables valuable business decisions to be made from massive data collections, jointly announced today with Club Data Online, record interest in BIS²’s clubViz product for advanced analytics in the Australian licensed club market.

clubViz is a gaming industry-specific Web 2.0 data visualization software solution that allows club operators to directly query data, and see the results visually using innovative and powerful advanced analytics. clubViz represents the next generation of advanced data visualization software for strategic, operational, and analytical users of gaming data. It enables users to understand and take action on gaming data in a new way.

“Our go to market with BIS²’s clubViz product has significantly enhanced our offering and is providing our customers with a new, easier and more valuable way to access gaming performance, benchmarking and other market data,” said Mark Anderson, Director of Business Development for Club Data Online. “We are very pleased with the positive response we are getting from the market,” Anderson added.

“The work with Club Data Online is a real validation of our ability to work in a ‘software as a service’ environment. We see this as another positive example of how a ‘software as a service’ based technology partnership can rapidly extend our reach to other markets and industries,” said Andrew Cardno, BIS²’s Chief Technology Officer. “It is a real pleasure to work with this technology partner who has an impressive install base of over 400 Licensed Clubs representing over 34,500 gaming machines,” Cardno added.

About Club Data Online
Club Data Online (CDOL) is the leading provider of Online Performance Reporting and Benchmarking services to the Australian Licensed Club Industry. CDOL currently services over 400 Licensed Clubs representing over 34,500 gaming machines within a multi-billion dollar and diverse operating environment.

CDOL was developed and is delivered by Industry Data Online Pty Ltd. Many industries are benchmarked by a variety of organisations, but CDOL is the first system of its kind in that it is fed financial and gaming data electronically direct from club systems and delivers analysed results online to subscribers in “quick-time”.

The purpose of the service is to strengthen the Licensed Club Industry through the development of a database of operating and economic performance information that can be used to assist participating clubs to better manage their businesses as the Industry undergoes an unprecedented period of change. For more information, please visit Club Data Online.

About BIS²
BIS² is an innovative leader in enterprise-ready, standards-based, visually centric analytical software. Its solutions reveal the trends and patterns in volumes of operational data so organizations can understand what actions are required now and tomorrow. BIS²’s gaming industry solution, called gameViz, enables casino organizations to view and analyze data sets that provide the insights needed to gain a competitive advantage. clubViz has been designed specifically for licensed club operators. With BIS²’s patent-pending Super Graphics, casinos and club operators can adapt to changes by rapidly generating crucial insights from both within and outside their operations. Other industry-specific solutions available from BIS² include telViz™ (for telcos), insuranceViz™ (for insurance companies), retailViz (for retailers), entertainmentViz™ (for entertainment companies), makeViz™ (for manufacturing companies) and moneyViz™ (for financial institutions). For more information, please call 1-877-592-2472 or visit www.bis2.net.

Veronica Ruffo