July 25, 2016, San Diego, CA – VizExplorer, a leading provider of operational intelligence solutions to the gaming industry, today announced that the Otoe-Missouria Development Authority (the official enterprise and economic branch of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians) has licensed connectViz™ (formerly hostViz™). A robust player development solution, connectViz will be deployed at 7 Clans First Council Casino Hotel in northwest Oklahoma.

connectViz is a comprehensive CRM tool that helps casino hosts code, manage and develop their VIP guests in real time. Installed along with VizExplorer Data Integration Hub and vizReport™, connectViz enables host task management and adds robust reporting capabilities.

An effective sales tool, connectViz empowers casino hosts to manage tasks with real-time data about their VIP player activity. Available on desktop and mobile, hosts benefit from highly efficient task management, improved communication and increasd face-to-face communication interaction with players. Host team managers use connectViz to facilitate host tasks, track individual and team performance and ultimately increase VIP player activity and resulting revenues.

“We’re well aware that a high-quality guest experience drives repeat visits among players, especially our VIP guests,” said John R. Shotton, Chairman of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians. “We can’t wait to see the results we achieve once all our hosts are using connectViz™ to manage their player pipelines,” he added.

“In this competitive gaming environment, it’s critical to understand player activity and preferences in order to generate profits. VizExplorer’s connectViz™ will give our hosts a deeper, more detailed look at our players and help them prioritize communication with coded players to drive incremental visits,” said Bruce K. Barnett, CEO of 7 Clans Casinos.

“connectViz™ helps hosts be more efficient and increase their interactions with players, while offering a personalized player experience that drives profits.” said Jeffrey Hoss, VP of Business Development at VizExplorer. “We are confident that the Player Development team at 7 Clans First Council Casino Hotel will quickly reap the benefits of choosing our solution,” he added.

connectViz is an essential component of VizExplorer’s operational intelligence solution designed to enhance the smart casino’s player development capability. The sale was handled by VizExplorer reseller Game Changing Technologies.

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